Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects LLP

Belfast based practice founded in 1960

Overview Project Details

Kennedy FitzGerald was appointed for the complete refurbishment, restoration and reordering of the interior of the Grade B1 listed building along with minor new external interventions. This work involved a forensic examination of the condition of the internal fabric including a detailed assessment of the historic significance of internal elements, with all works completed whilst the building remained operational.

The 1200 seat Assembly Hall was fully refurbished and restored, whilst the Minor Hall, Board Room and historic offices were refurbished and fitted to provide contemporary facilities.

The reordering work included restoration of the main entrance, reinstating the historic connection with Fisherwick Place and providing a new reception and interpretative area.

The facility has been transformed to become a multi–functional conference, concert and exhibition venue hosting up to 1500 people alongside the daily running of the Church from the upper floor office accommodation.


Church House and Assembly Buildings Belfast