Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects LLP

Belfast based practice founded in 1960

Overview Project Details

The design featured 2 elements to the building – a larger wing to the west housing the sanctuary and hall, connected via a large folding door allowing for flexibility, and a smaller wing to the east housing meeting rooms, offices and washroom facilities. The design also allowed for the provision of an enclosed courtyard and covered walkway to the north, which offers a safe space for children to play and adults to relax, connected back to the Prayer and Youth Room. 

Internally in the larger wing, the space rises up to 9 metres in height, giving the sanctuary a sense of significance, and providing adequate space for sports in the hall. 
The sanctuary’s wide plan allows the congregation to sit closer to the pulpit and feel more connected to the teaching and worship.

Client Omagh Baptist Church

Project Value £1M

Status Completed February 2014

Photographer Credits Sharon Forbes Strong

Omagh Baptist Church Omagh